Midlands Textile - Member of FRSB

We are proud to announce that our company is now a member of FRSB (FundRaising Standards Board).

We are always keep working towards transparency and efficiency in the door-to-door collections to make sure that all of our clothes recycling is collected in the right and proper way.

Midlands Textile - Member of FRSB
The FRSB is an independent fundraising regulator that makes sure the fundraising standards are not violated and fundraising activity is done in the proper manner i.e. is always honest, legal, respectful and accountable.

Membership of the FRSB shows the charity’s or supplier’s commitment to these high standards and gives greater confidence in fundraising.


About the Standards

The standards are set by the Institute of Fundraising and are published as the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Benefits for Charities and Supliers

By maintaining high standards, charities and suppliers protect their supporters and maintain and increase income streams.

Visit FRSB official website