Midlands Textile Limited company performs most of the work that helps to raise money for charities.

Distribution and collection of charity bags is one of the main objectives that our company executes with great responsibility, because we are the intermediaries between the people giving the donated clothes and charity companies that Midlands Textile Ltd works with.

Midlands Textile Ltd is always looking for more efficient ways of collecting clothes to make sure our export clients are offered solely, quality and original, pre-sorted clothes. For that reason, the list of items that are accepted when collecting second-hand goods, and those that are not, is shown below.

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The Process

Midlands Textile Ltd Company carries out door-to-door collections of second-hand clothes, which saves time and makes the whole process enjoyable for those who donate.

Distribution and collection of charity bags is carried out once a month, to help donors recycle their clothes and raise funds for charity. Bags are distributed every 4-6 weeks, while collections are carried out 2-3 days after this, to give enough time to fill the bag with unwanted clothing. The exact day when bags with the unwanted clothes will be collected is given on the bag packaging.

Midlands Textile Limited has a large network of vehicles, which allows it to cover more areas and regions, as well as to do the work quickly and efficiently. The mandatory presence of logos on the company vans is evidence of the legality of the team operating in a particular area. Another essential part of the whole process is the presence of the identification card that every charity bag collector has. The ID certifies the right to work in a particular area and is proof that the collector is allowed to collect on behalf of the charity.


Midlands Textile Ltd works very hard to protect clothing donations from theft or bogus collectors.
We are working closely with the police to reduce such incidents to a minimum.

Collection Protection
If you think you have witnessed a crime, please call the police stating the vehicle number, if possible, immediately or, alternatively, call our office on
03300 88 2721.

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